Custom CNC Machined Purple Anodized Aluminum Knurled Knob

Purple Anodized Knurled Aluminum Knob

This is a custom CNC machined aluminum 6061-T6 part, used as a knurled knob, anodized to purple.

The surface of the part is sand-blasted to have a matt appearance. The work is done by CNC turn-mill lathes.

Materials We Deal with

Most common materials (including their alloys) we deal with are: titanium, aluminum, copper, stainless steel, tungsten, zirconium, molybdenum.

Major Processes of Making Aluminum Knurled Knob

  1. Purchase of solid aluminum bars/rods.
  2. Supersonic inspection and mechanical tests of aluminum bars/rods.
  3. Continuous CNC machining of the basic profile of the Aluminum Stop Sleeve from the bars/rods.
  4. Inspection of the Aluminum Stop Sleeve.
  5. Cleaning, washing, drying & packing of the Aluminum Knurled Knob

Packing of Aluminum Knurled Knob

The Aluminum Knurled Knob are mostly packed in plastic bags and shipped in carton boxes.


We use the world famous couriers like FedEx, TNT, UPS, DHL etc. to delivery our titanium bolts/screws, nuts/fittings, washers and other fasteners to our global clients.

Manufacturing Capabilities

We have the skills and equipement to bring your ideas/designs into real, physical aluminum parts/fasteners.

  • CNC turning/shaving/milling/grinding of titanium parts and fasteners.
  • Casting/forging/wire EDM cutting of aluminum parts profiles.
  • High precision threading of aluminum parts and fasteners.
  • Rolling and CNC cutting of metric/inch threads of aluminum parts and fasteners.
  • PVD coating of aluminum parts and fasteners.
  • Anodizing of aluminum parts and fasteners.
  • MAO of aluminum parts and fasteners.
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