Anodizing for Titanium Parts & Fasteners

PVD Coated Colored Titanium Flat Washer

The anodizing of all our parts are done in our reliable partner’s anodizing center nearby. The anodizing center is a over 40K square meter complex containing anodizing and MAO facilities that have done anodizing and MAO for more than 100 million parts.

Anodizing is a process to form a oxidized layer on metal surfaces by connecting the metal part as the electrolysis anode. The metal oxide film changes the metal surface status and performance such as the color, corrosion resistance, hardness and abrasiveness, to protect the metal.

A film of 5~30 micrometer could be made by plain anodizing (Type I & Type II) film on aluminum products and 25~300 micrometer by hard coat anodizing (Type III).

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